We Created a Monster. The Story of Cannectar

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The story of Cannectar


One of our biggest selling products over the last 2 years is a product that was created by pure chance. This is the story of “Cannectar”.


Cannectar (Cannabis Nectar) was originally a mix of the finest Raw Full Spectrum CBD and High-Quality Honey. The latest version contains a whole pile of other secret ingredients including things like super-absorbent Liquid Curcumin and Black Pepper. All products that have been associated with fighting various health conditions.




The story starts when we ordered a new Raw CBD product that had been having some great feedback for all kinds of things. High in CBD and CBDA, this extract was as raw and as near to the whole plant as possible. There was just one snag…….the taste was like nothing else we’d ever tried.


It was so harsh, we could only ever describe it as a cross between old cut grass, vinegar and coffee powder all mixed up together. It was hard to take.


Our main concern was that anyone trying this CBD would just not buy it again. It was that hard to keep down.




A Spoon full of Sugar


So, here is where the magic happened. Just by chance we decided to try and counter the harsh “hempy” flavour by adding various things like Coffee Syrups, Agave, Treacle and eventually Honey.


They all helped massively but the honey seemed to be the most natural choice and it really did help with the flavour. We thought we’d cracked it. A sweet natural honey hemp flavoured product that had all the great properties of high-quality CBD plus all the well documented healing properties of honey.




Then came the fall


We started to notice that as the CBD was contained in a carrier oil (normally MCT, Hemp or Olive Oil), and that the honey is natural and therefor contains water, the 2 products when mixed just wouldn’t play fairly. They just kept splitting.


Months later we eventually found a way of keeping these 2 products together and finally “Cannectar” was born. What we didn’t know is what a monster we had created.


The Cannectar was sold as a paste that contained 1000mg of Raw Full-Spectrum CBD in each large 30ml syringe.


Everyone who tried it seemed to like it. It did still have a natural “hempy” plant taste but this was complemented by adding the quality Honey. Even now, we struggle to describe the taste but it is good.




We created a monster


Only after a month or two did we start to realise what we had with Cannectar. As CBD can only be sold as a “Food Supplement” in the UK (unlike in the United States where the exact same products required a Doctor’s prescription due to its widely accepted medical properties), we aren’t allowed to say that it “cured” this or “relieved” that but as anyone who has tried it will tell you, it has some amazing effects. We started to get some amazing feedback.


Most CBD companies will tell you that “it may take a few weeks” etc for the CBD to start to take effect? We were getting feedback saying that the effects were often immediate. People often said they could feel it working within 30 minutes. Some of the feedback was genuinely life-changing for people.


As its popularity grew, shops started to stock it and after a short time, they were getting the same feedback that we had been getting months earlier. They were often amazed; we already knew what was coming.


As its popularity with resellers grew, we decided to make smaller 3ml 100mg sample syringes. These were a great way for customers to “try-before-you-buy”. Some shops sold the samples for a few pounds and some just gave them out as free samples. Many would let the customer try the paste and before the customer had finished browsing the store, they would often say they really could “feel the difference”. The product sold itself.


Because we knew we had something special, we knew it would be hard to improve but we thought we’d try. That is when we looked into various ingredients that had been getting a name for helping with certain conditions/ailments. Then we added some of these amazing ingredients. All completely natural and completely safe. The results just went from strength to strength.




The power of Honey


There is data to show that honey helps relieve irritation in the mouth or throat by forming a protective film, and soothes coughs caused by upper respiratory tract infections and alleviates symptoms more than certain common over-the-counter medicines.


Honey has a number of other well-documented health benefits, including encouraging faster wound healing and shortening the life of cold sores. New Zealand manuka honey can even inhibit the growth of MRSA, enhance the effectiveness of antibiotics and reduce the risk of antibiotic resistance.


Honey's prodigious antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties are attributed to the trace enzymes, minerals, B vitamins and amino acids that it contains.


We can only think that the combination of quality CBD and quality Honey must work together and amplify each other’s magical qualities.

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