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CBD Gift Set - For Men


For Christmas 2021 we have created the ultimate CBD Gift Set for Men. A combination of some of our finest CBD products and some Quality Shower/Body & Hair Gels in one Great Gift-Wrapped Gift Set.



The set includes:


2 x 2000mg (20% each) Limited Edition "Chocolate Orange" Christmas CBD Oils (2 Bottles)

New for Christmas only, this Pure Spectrum CBD Oil is strong enough for anyone. Each drop tastes like the Christmas favourite, Chocolate Orange.


**Please see note at bottom of page regarding other flavours available in this Gift Set**



25mg Full Spectrum Capsules - 750mg Total


Already one of our Best Sellers, these Full Spectrum soft gel capsules have amazing feedback. Easy to swallow and odourless and tasteless, these are a powerful addition to any daily CBD routine.



10mg Full Spectrum CBD Gummies - Apple & Lemon


Again, another great Full Spectrum CBD product. Super tasty and easy to swallow, these Apple and Lemon sweet gummies are the simplest way to accurately take CBD on the go.



CBD Chocolate Buttons


These little chocolate buttons are your little taste of heaven. Each small bag contains 25mg of Cold Pressed CBD + CBDa. Approx. 8-10 buttons in each little packet (15g).

Made using the finest Hand Crafted 56% Organic Chocolate, they really aren't for sharing.



B & H Black Pepper and Ginseng Hair/Body Wash


A great Refreshing and beautiful smelling body shower gel in a Large 250ml tube.

Black pepper & ginseng is the perfect blend of stimulating fruity and spicy top notes with rich base notes of sandalwood and cedar wood. Musky and masculine with added bergamot to give a subtle sharpness.


B & H Citrus, Lime and Mint Hair/Body Wash


Another refreshing and beautiful smelling body/hair shower gel in a Large 250ml tube.

This invigorating Citrus Lime and Mint Hair and Body Wash prepares you for the day ahead. A truly refreshing fragrance that will revive and reinvigorate, whether after sport or as part of your daily grooming routine.



**Each gift set comes in a gift-wrapped box including plain gift tag.


NOTE: If you would prefer any other flavours of CBD oil in your Gift Set instead of Chocolate Orange, please leave a note when ordering and we will add those 2 instead. The flavours available are: Orange, Lemon, Mint, Cherry, Strawberry and new Bubble Gum.



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