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CBD Weight Loss

CBD and Weight Loss


CBD is now widely accepted to help reduce stress and aide sleep, but recent studies have found that it may also help people with weight loss too. Recent studies show a positive impact on people trying to lose weight when using CBD.  

Before we go any further, we must state that CBD is not a “miracle” weight loss supplement and as with all diet supplements, it must be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.

How Does CBD Help with Weight Loss?

CBD works by targeting your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which controls everything from Coordination, Mood, Pain, Movement and Appetite. It helps to modulate signal transduction to and from the Central Nervous System (CNS). This in turn can help your body to create what is known as “Homeostasis” where the body returns to its optimum, balanced natural state.

One thing that all experts do agree on is that with any exercise or diet, the key to results is “recovery”. Any athlete or body builder will tell you that sleep is as important as training. One will not achieve results without the other. This is where experts think that CBD and Diet may well work together?

One thing to consider when looking at CBD and Weight Loss is “Weight Gain”.


Weight Gain is often attributed to one of the following:

  • Poor/disturbed/unsettled Sleep
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Pain/Injury

so, it only stands to reason then that alleviating all of the above can only be a positive and help you on the way to losing weight.


CBD in the UK (unlike America and some other countries), can only be classed as a “Food Supplement”. The MHRA will only allow UK CBD companies to sell it (and describe it) as this. Companies are not allowed to refer to CBD in any medical context and can (at best) describe it with phrases like “may improve overall wellbeing” and “may improve overall health”. Describing CBD in a medical context requires that the company has a “Medical License” to sell and advertise it as such. This would also mean that customers could then only buy these CBD products with a prescription from your Doctor/GP.


What’s Next?

As we said earlier, the key to any diet is a healthy, calorie-controlled diet combined with some form of regular exercise. This combined with CBD though could help you to achieve your results a lot faster.

The good thing with so many of our CBD products, is that they are super low in calories. An average 10ml bottle of CBD oil (in MCT carrier oil) contains between 70 and 100 calories at most. This equates to 0.3 to 0.5 calories/drop (approximately). Based on an average of 10 drops/day, this would mean you had added approximately 3-5 calories to your daily total. This at least gives you peace of mind that you do not need to start counting CBD calories.

Another superb product to assist you in your Weight Loss regime are our new CBD Honey Pearls. High Quality CBD blended with the finest multi-flower Honey to create an amazing sweet alternative.

Each Honey Pearl is only 10 Calories each and can also be added to your favourite drinks as a sugar alternative.


How Much CBD Should I Take?

The Food Standards Agency UK (FSA) recently set a recommended limit of 70mg/day. All our products come fully labelled explaining CBD content/drop or with products like CBD Capsules, the CBD/Capsule etc. This makes it easy to monitor exactly the amount of CBD you are taking daily.

We recommend starting low and building up to this 70mg/day. Our personal studies and feedback tend to show that this amount is a good amount to help with your Weight Loss goals.

Although CBD does come from the Cannabis plant, it comes from the Legal Industrial Hemp plant and not to be confused with the Illegal Marijuana plant. All our CBD products are 100% legal and do not create a “high” that you would expect with Marijuana.

Although CBD is not Marijuana, it does come from the Cannabis Sativa plant and studies have found that Cannabis users, were normally leaner than nonusers.

Final Note:

Although research into CBD is in its infancy, one thing we do know with CBD is that it is completely safe. All our products are lab-tested for quality and content and all our products are currently going through the new FSA Novel Food Approval system. We are also CannaPro Approved Members which means all our products are legal and sold/described correctly.

We are not (and do not pretend to be) doctors or medical specialists. Now in our 5th year manufacturing and selling CBD, we can only share with you our personal experiences and knowledge.