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Full Spectrum Raw CBD Paste Triple Pack

Full Spectrum Raw CBD Paste Triple Pack
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This Full Spectrum Raw Paste is Pure, Untouched and as Natural as physically possible.

This 5ml-800mg CBD Syringe is one of the strongest products we offer. Because of this, there is a strong Hemp peppery taste.

Simply remove the cap, squeeze out 1-2 tiny drops about the size of a grain of rice and either put it in your mouth and let it disolve for 30 seconds before you swallow it with a drink of cold water. You can also add it to your tea or coffee.

If this paste is cold and feels difficult to dispense, warm it in your hand for 1 minute before squeezing it out.

Because this product is as pure as you will find and is rich in CBD, CBDa, CBDg and CBDc.

THC below legal limit of 0.2%/1mg

Natural Plant Terpenes

Clean CO2 Extracted

Zero Chemicals/Zero Preservatives.

3 x 5ml Syringe contains 800mg of CBD each (2400mg Total Raw CBD Extract)

CBD-UK are a 5*Star Trusted Trader. Always use a Trusted Trader

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