CBD Strength/content

CBD oil strength is normally measured in milligrams (mg) per bottle or sometimes in percentage (mg%). This can often seem quite confusing and some companies do try and manipulate their mg or % content to make their products look better value for money (when often they are weak oils with less actual CBD).

All our products are exactly what they say on the tin (or bottle). A 1000mg 10ml bottle contains 1000mg of pure full-spectrum CBD.


All our CBD oil products are "Full-Spectrum" CBD which means that they contain not only the pure natural CBD, but also all the beneficial terpenes etc. These are all the other natural compounds from the Hemp plant that add to its amazing well-being properties.

CBD Isolates are now banned in the UK in edible CBD products (Oils, capsules and gummy bears etc). Isolate CBD is still permitted in Vape oils.

Why is there such a difference in price?

CBD can vary in price quite significantly. This can be for various reasons but often you do get what you pay for. CBD-UK are proud members of the Cannabis Trades Association (CTAUK) and after a recent detailed study of CBD oils purchased from eBay, they found that more than 90% of the "cheap" oils contained a lot less (some contained zero) CBD than actually stated on the listings and bottles. CBD-UK always advise purchasing your CBD products from a CTAUK registered company.

How to Use CBD Oil

CBD oil is most often used internally (through ingestion). Because CBD oil is a relatively new supplement, exact dosing isn’t well established. While more long-term studies are needed, there is no established CBD “overdose” and there are very few if any side effects at any dosage.

When trying to find the right dosage, consider these things:

  • Start by purchasing a high quality oil form a reputable A higher quality oil will be more bioavailable, so a lower dose can be enough.
  • Begin with the recommended dosage on the bottle (especially if using preventatively).
  • Some notice a change immediately, while others don’t notice any improvement for several weeks. If after several weeks there is still no change, increase the dosage.
  • As with most herbal supplements, a small dosage 3-4 times a day is usually more therapeutic than one large dose.