This 5.5% Oil is simple and organic with no unnecessary extras. In your 10ml bottle, is Full Spectrum 5.5% of CBD oil, diluted with an organic olive oil. That’s it!

Daiba UK have trialled several recipes and chosen this one, after finding it to have the best consistency and flavour. Also, olive oil being the best carrier for CBD. By choosing plant strains with the highest CBD profiles to produce our oil, this ensures your product is of the highest standard and packed with cannabinoids.
To extract their oil from the plants, they use a method called CO2 Cold Pressing. unlike other heat-extracting methods, this does not break down any of the cannabinoid spectrum. This process is longer and slower, but as the saying goes… “good things come to those who wait”.
To continue with their organic, Earth-loving theme, every little detail matters. The bottles in which your oil arrives to you are all made of recycled amber glass, which protects the oil from sunlight and keeps it fresh and chemical-free.
SKU: DaibaCBD550mg10ml