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Welcome to CBD UK. The UK's most trusted CBD Shop online. Started in 2015, CBD UK is now one of the UK's Best Known online CBD Oil suppliers. Our team of Health Experts is always available to ensure you get the correct product that suits you best. Transparent, Safe and 100% UK Legal CBD products, we take the hassle out of purchasing CBD online.
Everything from our Best-Selling CBD Oils to CBD Raw Pastes, Full Spectrum CBD Gummies and Creams, New strong CBD Patches, and even a Pet Hemp Range.
All lab-tested for purity and safety, and all on the UK Food Standards Agency (UKFSA) Novel Food Approval list. Only products on this list can currently be allowed for sale in the UK.
**Always Shop CBD UK from a Trusted company**

This Week's Special Offers

These CBD SALE items offer BIG Discounts on some Amazing products.
With over 7 years' experience in the manufacture and sales of CBD products, it is very rare we come across a product that makes us stop and take not..
£39.99 £79.99
FLAVOURS AVAILABLE: Natural, Mint, Cherry & Orange. Select Flavour above "Add to Cart" buttonProduct DescriptionThis 2000mg 20% Pure Spectrum Isol..
£39.99 £49.99
Product DescriptionThis 2000mg 20% CBG Oil is the latest addition to our quality CBD Oil range at CBD UK. A powerful 2000mg oil combining 1000mg of CB..
£39.99 £49.99
Product DescriptionThis Full Spectrum CBD Oil has to be one of the best CBD Oils available anywhere online. Rich in CBD, CBG, CBDa, CBC, Flavonoids an..
£39.99 £59.99
Product DescriptionThis latest addition to our Salmon Oil collection is the New 1000mg CBD Oil blended with Organic MCT and 100% Pure Norwegian Food G..
£32.99 £44.99
New to our collection is this Full Spectrum CBD Oil and CBG Oil combination. This deal brings you our 2 most popular CBD/CBG Oils in one amazing deal...
£69.99 £109.98
Product DescriptionThis amazing Reakiro Full Spectrum RAW CBD Paste is one of a very few brands that we put our name to. This true Full Spectrum RAW C..
£43.99 £79.99
Product Description These Ultra Strong, easy to swallow Full Spectrum CBD Capsules from CBD UK are made using the finest CO2 Clean Extracted Full Spec..
£38.99 £49.99
Product DescriptionFull Spectrum Sugar-Free VEGAN CBD Gummies from CBD UK are our latest addition to our store. These Vegan Full Spectrum gummies come..
£25.99 £35.99
  Product Description    New CBD Pro tabs contain a massive 30mg in each tiny tablet, and a massive 1500mg in each small..
£31.99 £49.99
NEW FLAVOUR: Bubble GumProduct DescriptionThis Brand New, Bubble Gum 2000mg Pure Spectrum Isolate CBD oil is our super-strong, 2000mg (20%) CBD Oil.&n..
£33.99 £63.99
    Product Description     Our CBD Night tabs contain a blend of CBD, 5-HTP and lavender.  All the known b..
£24.99 £29.99

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Are there any side effects taking CBD?

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