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Cold Pressed CBD Oil

Not to be confused with Cold Pressed "Hemp Seed Oil" that you buy in any supermarket, Cold Pressed CBD Oil is made in the UK from pressing the stalks, leaves and flowers. This is where all the vital Cannabinoids like CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBC and THC are found. Cold Pressed Hemp Oil is just made from the Hemp Seeds and contains only trace amounts of any cannabinoids.

Don't be fooled by the lower strengths too of Cold Pressed CBD Oils. Because they are a true Full Spectrum oil, they work so much stronger than normal CO2 extracted CBD Oils. Rich in all Cannabinoids, natural Terpenes (smell compounds) and all the natural Flavonoids (taste compounds). Combined these components create what is known as "the Entourage Effect".

Brand: CBD-UK
Product DescriptionThis Cold Pressed CBD Oil from CBD UK is created just like it says (pressed and unheated). Unlike other CBD extraction methods like CO2 extraction and Ethanol extraction, Cold Pressed CBD Oil is exactly that....Cold Pressed. Nothing else.Because we use this simple way of extractin..
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