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Started in 2015, CBD UK are one of the UK's most Trusted CBD companies. Everything from CBD Oil to CBD Raw Paste, CBD Creams, Sweets  and CBD Capsules, and our new 2023 Pet Hemp range.
All UK legal and completely safe.

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Product DescriptionFull Spectrum CBD Gummies from CBD UK are our latest addition to our store. These Full Spectrum gummies come in Apple and Lemon fla..
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With an average Trustpilot rating of 4.6 out of 5, Customer Satisfaction is our top priority at CBD UK.

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CBD UK Help & Advice

What is CBD?

CBD oil is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid compound that is found in the hemp plant. It is just one of over 110 compounds found in the plant. The highest concentrations of CBD and other cannabinoids are come from the flowers of these plants.

These natural plant compounds are cleanly extracted (through various methods), to capture the important major Cannabinoids like CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBGA etc. We also manage to retain 2 other vital parts of the plant, the Flavonoids and the Terpenes.

Flavonoids are rich in antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties and can help your body ward off everyday toxins.

Terpenes are naturally occurring chemical compounds found in plants. They are responsible for the aromas, flavors, and even colors associated with various types of vegetation.

Is CBD Legal in the UK?

At CBD UK, all our CBD Oil products are 100% Legal and are all currently on the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) "Novel Foods" Approval list. Only products selected to go onto this list for validation can be legally sold in the UK.

Will CBD UK products get me high?

The Cannabis plant comes in 2 different varieties: Marijuanah and Hemp. Marijuanah is high in THC (Tetrahydracanabinol, the plant compound that gives you a high/buzz), but is low in Cannabidol (CBD). The Hemp plant is completely the opposite (low in THC and high in CBD).

All our products contain less than the legal amount of THC of 1mg per container. Our Pure (CBD) and Plus (CBG) range contain Zero THC and are great for anyone concerned with taking CBD due to work etc.

Our Full Spectrum range contain all the Cannabinoids and the legal trace amounts of THC (<1mg).

Which CBD UK product should I take?

This is probably one of the most common questions we get asked at CBD UK, especially from someone wanting to try CBD.

Our first question is "what are you wanting to try CBD for". As we are not doctors (and don't pretend to be), we cannot advise on medical conditions from a medical standpoint. This is also made easier for us as CBD isn't classed as a "medicine" but is classed as a "Food Supplement" in the UK.

Because CBD is now widely accepted to help people relax, it does naturally help aide sleep and every also relieve everyday stresses. Recent research ahas found that CBD can reduce inflammation and pain.

For overall daily wellness and relaxation, we recommend taking a CBD Oil. These come in various strengths and also in various flavours.

For Sleep, we recommend our CBG Oil. CBG is our go-to CBD sleep product.

For general muscle aches and pains, a topical CBD Cream may be the answer as it can be applied directly to the problem area. Our cream selection comes in 3 forms: Heat Cream which has a mild "Deep Heat" feel to it. Our Cooling Cream. Similar to the Heat Cream but with a cold "Cooling" feel. Finally we have our "Skin Cream" range. A natural moisturising collection made using some of the finest natural ingredients.

Anyone who may struggle with a CBD Oil or CBD Gel Capsule may prefer the nice flavoured CBD Sweets range we offer. Everything from Gummies to Hard Boiled sweets. These come in various forms like Vegan Friendly etc.

If you have any more questions regarding starting CBD, please get in touch via our "CONTACT" page above

What are the different types of CBD?

CBD Oils fall into 4 main categories: Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, Isolate CBD Oil and Cold Pressed CBD Oil. Each one is very different and each one may have very different results when taken.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

This is the mother lode of CBD Oils. This is where everything that can be left in the final product has been. A true Full Spectrum CBD oil will contain not only CBD, but compounds like CBC, CBG, CBDA, and legal amounts of THC. It will also smell and taste very much like the natural plant ("hempy"). This is due to leaving in place, the Terpenes (smelling compounds) and the Flavonoids (taste compounds). Even though Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains some THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), all our CBD Oil products on sale will not get you "high" and will not make you fail a drugs test.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

This is very similar to "Full Spectrum" CBD Oil apart from one key factor, It has had all the THC removed. This is usually down to some countries outlawing THC. The UK legal limit at the present time is 1mg/container. All our CBD Oil products are below this legal amount.

It may also be less harsh (or less "hempy") than a true Full Spectrum oil. Again, this is done on purpose at the extraction stage and many of the terpenes/flavonoids/chlorophylls etc have been removed. This is mainly personal choice.

Isolate (PURE) CBD Oil

Isolate CBD Oil is where absolutely everything apart from the CBD compound has been removed. Flavourless and odourless, this may seem like a lower quality product but from experience, Isolate Pure CBD oils do also work well and the feedback we get from these products is often amazing. Some people just prefer the simple plain taste of these oils and the fact that they contain zero THC. Some athletes/police/military personnel etc like to play safe and make sure they have a product that contains no THC.

Cold Pressed CBD Oil

The crazy thing about Cold Pressed CBD Oil is that it seems to be the "new-kid-on-the-block", yet it is the oldest form of CBD Oil (or CBD extraction) by far. It is exactly what it says on the tin....pressed when cold. Nothing else.

One thing to be aware of with "Cold Pressed" CBD Oil is that it is not the same as "Hemp Seed Oil". That is made by pressing the Hemp Seeds. Cold Pressed CBD Oil is made by pressing the stalks and flowers. These contain CBD (unlike the seeds).

How much CBD should I take?

Again, this is another common question we get asked. As everyone is different, "how much CBD do I need" could be compared to asking "how much alcohol will get me drunk".

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) used to recommend no more than 200mg/day but this changed a couple of years ago to 70mg/day.

All our products do come with full instructions on dosages and how to take but we always recommend starting small and working your way up until you feel the benefit. This can often be very small amounts.

Another vital factor when starting CBD is that you can often increase your success by doing this very simple method. Especially for relaxation/stress/anxiety etc:

When you take CBD Oil, put the oil under your tongue and leave it there for 30-60 seconds. If it is a Gummy, chew and chew before you swallow it. Capsules are just swallowed.

Then try and sit somewhere quiet and relax for 30 minutes, block out all negative thoughts and try to feel the CBD helping you feel normal again.

This may sound crazy but your mind then starts to associate taking CBD with achieving a real sense of relaxation. Once your mind starts to associate the two, every ime you take CBD, your brain will start to relax. Customers who try this method find their sucess with CBD is massively improved.

What is the difference between CBD and CBG?

CBG (or to use its proper name: Cannabigerol), is the latest "goto" Cannabinoid, and is now growing as popular (if not more popular) than CBD?

CBG is one of the 120+ Cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant. It is one of the most important Cannabinoids because it is the "parent" molecule for most other Cannabinoids.

Recent data shows that CBG seems to affect the Mood and Relaxation part of the brain in such a way that it is proven to help with things like Sleep and Relaxation.

Just like CBD, it is 100% Safe and would not make you fail a drugs test. Although evidence shows it will affect mood etc in a positive way, it is completely safe to take during the day and will not affect things like driving etc.

Check out our complete range of CBG Oil UK products and if you have any questions, please get in touch and a member of staff will be happy to help.

CBD UK - A little bit about us

Started in 2015, CBD UK was created out of a pure passion for natural healing and the amazing power of plant alternative remedies. With over 7 years in the Cannabinoid industry, we like to hope that we are now experts in our field.
All our products are tried and tested personally and we only offer products that we ourselves are happy to use daily.
All our products are currently on the Food Standards Agency "Novel Foods" register. Any CBD products sold in the UK, have to be on this list.
Our team are happy to discuss starting your CBD journey and hopefully steering you in the right direction for best results. Some products will work better for different conditions.
At CBD UK, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and this is reflected in the number of returning customers we get.

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At CBD UK, we offer a collection of CBD Oils, CBG Oils, Cold Pressed CBD Oils and our Best Selling CBD Salmon Oil.

CBD Oil is made by extracting all the major compounds from the Cannabis Hemp plant. There are over 110 Cannabinoids (plant compounds) in the plant. All completely natural, completely safe and each has its own part to play in your health and wellbeing.

CBD is by far the most abundant Cannabinoid found when extracting the compounds and this is the one that everyone has come to know and love.

Classed as a "Food Supplement" in the UK, it is available to purchase without any prescription (unlike America where it has to be recommended by a Doctor).

Because it is classed as a food supplement, we cannot (and do not) make any magical medical claims regarding CBD (or any of our products). All we do say is that it can and will help with your overall health and wellbeing. It is known to create what is known as "Homeostasis" in your body. This is where your body and mind balance themselves back up to their natural levels. When this happens, the body then allows itself to relax, recover and repair.


CBG Oil (or to use its proper name: Cannabigerol), is another key compound found in the Cannabis Hemp plant. Now widely accepted as the #1 Cannabinoid to help with sleep and relaxation, it is starting to grow in popularity with customers.

Just like it's big cousin CBD, it too will not give you any nasty side-effects when taking it. It is as Pure and Natural as can be. Nothing added. Like all our CBD Products, you can relax knowing that they are 100% safe and 100% Legal. Guaranteed!

Shop our CBG Oil UK range now.

Best CBD Oil

"What is the Best CBD Oil for me to try" is a common question asked by customers new to CBD.

Although there is no exact single answer to this question, we do have our own (qualified) opinions on this subject.

If you've never tried CBD Oil, we recommend starting with a mid-strength 10% PURE CBD Oil. The reason for this is that the oil is CBD and nothing else. Most customers find that this works really well and is also our most affordable range.

Our PURE CBD range comes in 3 strengths (4%, 10% and 20%). The % just means that in a 10ml bottle, 4% would be 400mg/bottle (10% = 1000mg/bottle and 20% = 2000mg/bottle).

It also comes in various flavours like Natural (very slight coconut taste), Mint, Lemon, Cherry and new Bubblegum amd Chocolate Orange.

All dosage advice is on the box labels but we recommend starting with 2-3 drops once/twice a day and just seeing how you feel. Most people do not need a large amount of CBD Oil and they often find that "less-is-more".

Our team are always available to chat or you can email any questions you may have.