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At CBD UK, we have a collection of the best CBD Creams available anywhere online. Everything from our Full Spectrum CBD Skin Cream to our popular CBD Heat Cream.

These were originally the only 2 creams we sold but to move with the times, we recently brought in 3 other fantastic New CBD Creams:


CBD Muscle Creams

These are great for Aches and Pains from workouts at the gym or the fun of growing old. The New Muscle range includes a new "CBD Pro Balm" CBD Heat Cream and also the new "CBD Cooling Cream". Both superb and both contain a Massive 500mg of quality CBD in each large 100mg Jar.


CBD Skin Creams 

Then to top things off, we recently added our new "CBD Moisturising Cream" range. This natural Skincare Cream is superb for Dry and Inflamed Skin for both Him and Her.

As with all our CBD Creams, they are handmade and use natural ingredients where possible.


Is CBD Cream the same as Hemp Cream? 

CBD Cream is completely different to Hemp Cream. Hemp cream is made from cold pressing Hemp Seeds. These seeds contain no CBD and no other Cannabinoids (well, tiny trace amounts at best).


How do CBD Creams work?

CBD cream bypasses the CB1 and CB2 receptors and heads straight for neurotransmitters that blocks signals for pain and irritation by targeting your bodies compounds called anandamide and 2-AG.

CBD Creams are a great way to target a small area and that is why they seem to work so well.


How much CBD Cream should I use? 

This is one of the main advantages of using a Topical CBD Cream, it targets the precise area so not much is needed.

At CBD UK, we always recommend just using a pea size amount and massaging it into the affected area. If it was for something like helping with a sore back or a leg muscle ache, slightly more may be required. The good thing with CBD (especially Topical Skin Creams), is that you just will not overdose and feel any negative effects.


CBD for Arthritis

Like all our CBD products, we do not sell them as medicines and we do not advise customers as if we are doctors. This is because in the UK, CBD can only be sold as a "Food Supplement" and not a medicine.

We often get asked "Can CBD help with Arthritis"? The great thing about CBD is that it is now proven to be Anti-inflammatory. This is not a medical claim, this is just a fact. Because of this, more and more people are finding some great relief with conditions like Arthritis. If the Arthritis is in a certain area, this is where CBD topical Creams can really come into their own by applying a small amount around the affected area.


CBD for Skin Conditions

Another question we get asked is "can CBD help my Skin Condition"? All our CBD creams are made using the finest natural ingredients and the finest quality CBD extract. Many customers who have tried CBD skin creams have had great success. The great thing about this is that they contain no nasty allergens or chemicals. As well as being Anti-inflammatory, CBD is also Antioxidant and can help soothe and repair many skin conditions.


If you need any further help or advice choosing a CBD Cream/Balm, please get in touch and one of our staff will be pleased to help.