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As this is our best selling product by a mile, we decided to do a multi-buy option.

**Now with New Improved Taste**


For anyone who has ever tried Raw Full Spectrum CBD, they will tell you the taste can be harsh (to say the least). Then came "Cannectar". A Raw, Full Spectrum 1000mg strong CBD paste, combined with the finest quality honey.

Created by pure accident, Cannectar really did create a monster with this product. They say that it works so well due to the combination of a high quality CBD and also the highly documented healthy improving power of quality honey.

Cannectar paste has a sweet "hempy" taste that is no longer unpleasant to take and with up to 30mg/dose, it is also a powerful CBD paste.

The "Full Spectrum" Raw CBD paste contains not only CBD (Cannabidol) but also all the other important Cannabis compounds (CBDA, CBGA and CBCA as well as all the other important minerals and plant terpenes).

Extracted using "super-clean" CO2 extraction, this really is as natural as you get.

Many customers who have tried this product find that the results are normally instant.

This paste has become our best-selling product of 2018.

How to use

Unlock the "easy dose" syringe and squeeze out approx 1/2ml of paste onto your finger (syringe has accurate measurement scale on the side but 1/2ml is approx the size of 2 peas. Some users say "about the size of toothpaste you would put on your toothbrush".

Put the paste into your mouth and let it disolve for approx 30-60 secs and then swallow it.

It really is as easy as that.

Size:  30ml

Ingredients: Full Spectrum Raw CBD Paste, Honey, Coconut MCT Oil

*Allergens in Bold. Do not take if you are allergic to Honey or Coconut

Storage: Store in a cool place

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