CBG Oil Information

CBG (or to use its proper name “Cannabigerol”), is just one of over 110 Cannabinoids found in the Cannabis-Hemp plant. These include the more well-known Cannabinoids like CBD and THC, as well as some not so well-known compounds like CBN, CBC and CBV etc.

All play different roles and when synergistically combined, they can create what is known as “the Entourage Effect”. This is where the body becomes balanced (both physically and mentally) and enters a state of “Homeostasis”. This balance helps to optimize everything from body temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar, mood and mental state. We’ll talk more about Homeostasis and the Entourage Effect in another post.

Is CBG the Mother of all Cannabinoids?

As more research is carried-out, we are now starting to understand the true importance of CBG.

One major discovery is that CBG is the precursor to all other Cannabinoids. CBG-A (which is the acid form of CBG), when heated, breaks down to form the major Cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, THC and CBC. This factor alone highlights how important CBG really is. As more and more data come to light, we estimate that CBG may well become more important than CBD.

CBG and Sleep

Like its big brother (or sister) CBD, CBG is classed as “non-psychoactive” and will not get you high. “non-psychoactive” isn’t 100% accurate as that would mean that it had no affect on the human brain. This is something we now know not to be entirely true. Yes, CBG (along with 99% of the other Cannabinoids), will not get you “high” (like THC), it can in fact affect the human brain and as recent tests are showing, CBG can help massively with things like Sleep and Mood. What’s not to like?

CBG (just like CBD), works by targeting the CB1 and CB2 receptors (Cannabinoid Receptors) found around your body. By binding to these receptors, they signal to your ECS (Endocannabinoid System) that something needs to be done. CB1 is linked to your Central Nervous System, and CB2 is linked to your Peripheral Nervous System (as well as your Immune System).

CBG can bind to either receptor for example, to target the CB1 Receptor in a spinal nerve to relieve spinal nerve pain. It may also bind to the CB2 Receptor to signal that your body is experiencing inflammation and high temperatures. Your body can then start to repair and balance itself and become “balanced” again, creating “Homeostasis”.

How much CBG should I take?

Although (like we said earlier), CBG seems to be quite a new Cannabinoid, it was actually discovered in 1964 by an Israeli scientist “Raphael Mechoulam”.

A study in 2017 found that humans could safely tolerate up to 1500mg. Before you read anymore, please note: this is not recommended, just what was tested as safe at the time.

One American study found that the “toxic” dose of CBD was 20,000mg? Welcome to the crazy word of CBD.

A few years ago, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) set a new safe amount of only 70mg/day. In Europe, the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) set their safe recommended limit of 200mg/day?

As we are writing this, this daily safe limit is once again being looked at by the FSA and their latest recommendation (not compulsory yet), is a crazy low level of 17.5mg/day? This would mean that most off-the-shelf products like 25mg Gel Capsules etc, would be outlawed? They also are looking at having a maximum 10ml bottle strength as 1000mg (10%). This may well all change as more and more data is released and more toxicology testing is carried-out.

CBG & CBD together

At CBD UK, we introduced CBG Oil and it instantly became a big seller. The feedback was amazing and we knew how important CBG was. After reading a post online about a study carried-out in Holland, data showed that combining CBG with CBD gave even better results and the effects were more than double. Because of this, our new UK CBG OIL range are a combination of 50% CBG and 50% CBD. The recent feedback has been better than we could ever have expected and even we were amazed how well it works.

Full Spectrum CBG Oil

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