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CBD Asylum offer some excellent priced, high-quality CBD products. Checkout our CBD Sleep Tablets and CBD Sunshine Tablets.
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Cooling CBD Cream

Product DescriptionThis new CBD Cooling Muscle Rub, is made using the finest natural ingredients. Wi..

£34.99 £26.99 Ex Tax: £26.99

CBD Pro Balm

Product DescriptionThis new CBD Pro Balm is made using only the finest natural ingredients: Pomegran..

£34.99 £26.99 Ex Tax: £26.99

CBD Night Tabs

    Product Description     Our CBD Night tabs contain a blend of CB..

£29.99 £23.99 Ex Tax: £23.99

CBD Chill Pills

Product Description     Our CBD Chill Pills contain calming Chamomile and Passio..

£33.99 £23.99 Ex Tax: £23.99

CBD Sunshine Tabs

    Product Description     Our CBD Sunshine tabs contain a bl..

£29.99 £23.99 Ex Tax: £23.99

Water Soluble CBD

Product Description   One thing a lot of people don't know with CBD is that it comes in..

£39.99 £29.99 Ex Tax: £29.99

CBD ProTabs

  Product Description    New CBD Pro tabs contain a massive 30mg in eac..

£49.99 £29.99 Ex Tax: £29.99

CBD Pro Tabs X2

    Product Description     New CBD Pro tabs Twin Pack. Each tablet ..

£99.98 £49.99 Ex Tax: £49.99