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CBD & the Coronavirus

Can CBD Kill the Coronavirus?

Although experts agree that supplements like CBD and Vitamins (Vitamin C and Vitamin D etc) will not prevent or cure the Coronavirus Covid-19, they do all agree that CBD and Vitamins will help improve your Immune System - which will help to fight any condition.

A recent study in Canada did however show that some "effective strains have, in some instances, managed to reduce Virus Receptors, which reduces the chance for an individual to catch Coronavirus".

To read more on this article from the Independent Magazine, click link below:


CBD is one compound that we know does help create a balanced, strong, Healthy Immune System. Creating what is known as "Homeostasis", CBD works by putting your body "back in tune" by balancing things like Body Temperature and Fluid Levels. This has to be a bonus when trying to combat any Virus. Click link below to read more on Homeostasis:


Vitamin C is an essential nutrient with several roles in your body. It’s a potent antioxidant, meaning it can neutralize unstable compounds in your body called free radicals and help prevent or reverse cellular damage caused by these compounds.

It’s also involved in a number of biochemical processes, many of which are related to immune health


Research shows that having healthy levels of vitamin D, as well as taking a vitamin D supplement, can help keep your immune system healthy and may protect against respiratory illnesses in general.

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